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fuZion 2.0

Hybrid Sensing

fuZion is a completely new take on hybrid sensing technology

The seamless fusion of complementary sensing technologies creating limitless new HMI possibilities.

Imagine a sensor that incorporated the best features of two highly proven touch technologies, and integrated them into a single, seamless solution.


Welcome to fuZion!

Tangio's latest innovation in touch sensing brings together Resistive and Capacitive technologies in a new and innovative way. 

fuZion is a highly intelligent sensor technology that seamlessly detects both user presence/approach AND variable force touch. With both functions tuneable and configurable in software, fuZion enables an entirely new dimension of HMI.

UI (User Interface) possibilities for fuZion are as broad as they are exciting, and include:

- System wake-up and affirmation

- Function pre-select and "select-confirm" in safety critical applications

- Multi-dimensional and "air" gestures

- Enhanced system security

- Unintended touch rejection

- Enhanced haptic functionality and integration

Key application markets for fuZion include Automotive, Smart Home, Computer Peripheral, Gaming, IoT and Music.

And the smartest part of fuZion technology is it's implemented with a single sensor and a single electronic interface, saving development time and cost in the supply chain. If that wasn't enough, fuZion uses the same materials and process technology as our TPE-500 sensors making it best-in-class for key parameters of force sensing performance.

fuZion... "One Sensor... One Interface... Limitless Possibilities" 

TPE-2001 fuZion demonstration/evaluation module is available to purchase in our webstore.

Ingeniously Simple!
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