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High quality graphic solutions will make your product look professional and help you stand out from the crowd.

Tangio Printed Electronics, as a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc, has over 35 years of experience in screen printed electronics. Millions of devices in use today rely on high quality screen printed user interface parts made by Tangio. Parts such as industrial human-machine interface membrane switches through to expressive multi-touch musical instrument sensors are all made using the same core processes of screen printing, die-cutting and laminating.

Digital and screen printed labels and decals can be used in diverse applications - from warning labels to improve user safety to serialized decals that state product specifications. Compared to regular stickers, labels and decals are printed on more durable materials and with higher quality inks.


Graphic overlays are the face of your product and they help users interact with your device. At Tangio Printed Electronics we understand that form and function play an equally important role in the design and manufacture of graphic overlays. We can employ a wide variety of inks and printing techniques to ensure that your products "pop" and that your users have an enjoyable and intuitive interaction with your devices.

Elastomeric Keypads (aka Silicone Rubber Keypads) are an excellent user interface option when environmental protection and tactile feedback are required. 

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