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Force Sensing Potentiometers (FSP)

Tangio's Force Sensing Potentiometers (FSP) are low cost, high-feature sensors for intuitive control and navigation. FSP's function simultaneously as both a single finger position and variable force sensor giving 2D interactivity. Our TPE range of FSP's are easy to integrate, high resolution, low-power, and ideal for a wide range of applications & markets. Interfacing is simple via a host processor without the need for a dedicated MCU.

Additionally, our potentiometers are dynamically reconfigurable in firmware, perhaps acting as a set of predefined analogue or digital buttons in one mode and a positional "slider" in another. Maximum flexibility for minimal investment.

All TPE series potentiometers can be used for evaluation purposes or deployed in your final application. Intelligent design incorporates a "dead-front" graphics layer which includes a shine-through window for active or passive rear illumination if required.

Tangio offers a full custom design service enabling customers to create their own unique FSP, defining key parameters such as device footprint, cover material, interconnect and illumination options. We can also offer FSP arrays, and combine with other sensor types as needed. Contact us directly to discuss your custom FSP requirements. 

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