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Standard Sensors & Evaluation Platforms

Tangio has developed a range of standard force sensing resistor products & evaluation platforms that are ideal for rapid product development and prototyping. These devices feature best-in-class performance and can be integrated into a wide range of applications. Force sensor data sheets and integration guides are available for download. Should you subsequently require a customised solution, we offer a full turnkey product development service.

Tangio's best-in-class range of industry

standard footprint Force

Sensing Resistors 


Tangio's best-in-class range of Force Sensing Potentiometers 


Tangio's 3D trackpad with

"single-touch" sensing


Tangio's innovative hybrid sensing

solution in a quick and easy to use

evaluation/demonstration module 


Tangio's market-leading 3D

multi-touch solution

complete with interface

hardware and firmware 

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