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As a global leader in Printed Electronics, Tangio leverages multiple state-of-the-art factories to deliver world-class products on-time and on-budget

Manufacturing Excellence

Producing the best printed sensors in the world is far from simple. Understanding and managing a dynamic range of critical variables is essential to high yield and excellent quality.

You're in safe hands with Tangio. We have an intimate understanding of printed electronics' processes and materials based on decades of experience. From simple single-point sensors to large matrix arrays or integrated multi-sensor panels, we deliver the same market leading performance and quality.

Today our Vancouver facility is a centre-of-excellence for process and materials development in partnership with major global suppliers in the field. Mass production is undertaken in state-of-the-art volume facilities in Singapore, China and India. As you would expect, all factories hold comprehensive ISO quality and environmental certifications, with one site also being ISO 16949 (Automotove) qualified and another being ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) qualified.

It's relatively simple to design and market a printed touch sensor but incredibly difficult to build it reliably and repeatably in mass production. Trust Tangio to deliver your next project.

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