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Force Sensing Resistors (FSR)

TPE-500 & TPE-600 are best-in-class series' of high-performance Force Sensing Resistors available in industry standard footprints and interconnect options. This extensive range includes both Shunt-Mode and Thru-Mode single-point solutions. Tangio's force sensors banish the undesirable characteristics found in legacy competing products. We achieve this through state-of-the-art FSR inks, carefully selected materials, intelligent mechanical design, and tightly controlled printing and curing.

Our FSR ranges offer excellent environmental stability, part-to-part repeatability and long-term durability, while maintaining a wide dynamic range, low drift and reassuringly low activation force. Better still, our thirty years manufacturing experience guarantees high yield, high quality, and very attractive pricing. All devices are RoHS compliant.

For large volume orders we offer customization options for all types. Contact us or one of our regional representatives for more information and mass production pricing.

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