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Touch & Force Sensing

Deploying the latest innovations in Printed Electronics and over 35 years experience to deliver World Class touch & force sensing solutions.

Tangio Printed Electronics, as a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc, has over 35 years of experience in screen printed electronics. Millions of devices in use today rely on high quality screen printed user interface parts made by Tangio. Parts such as industrial human-machine interface membrane switches through to expressive multi-touch musical instrument sensors are all made using the same core processes of screen printing, die-cutting and laminating.

Membrane switches are preferred by engineers in a wide variety of industries because they are durable, attractive, cost-efficient, and flexible. Membrane switches are the best Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution for products that require basic input such as keypad entry and menu selection.

Tangio Printed Electronics can produce your existing membrane switch design to our exacting standards or we can provide expert advice on how to develop a membrane switch that integrates perfectly with your device. 


Force-sensing resistors are an evolution of membrane switch technology, based on similar design principals and manufacturing techniques. The force sensor is essentially an analog, multi-position switch, while the membrane switch is simply ON/OFF. What defines a force-sensing resistor is its unique characteristic of dynamic conductance / resistance relative to the amount of pressure applied to the device. In general, the more pressure applied to the surface of the sensor, the greater the conductance / the lower the resistance. Force-sensing resistors are used for qualitative rather than quantitative or precision measurements.

Imagine a sensor that incorporated the best features of two highly proven touch technologies, and integrated them into a single, seamless solution. Welcome to fuZion!

Tangio's latest innovation in touch sensing brings together Resistive and Capacitive technologies in a new and innovative way.

fuZion is a a highly intelligent sensor technology that seamlessly detects both user presence/approach AND variable force touch. With both functions tuneable and configurable in software fuZion enables an entirely new dimension of HMI.


Currently the ultimate expression of resistive force sensing, 3D Matrix NEO is a genuinely game-changing technology enabling next-generation human-machine-interfaces (HMI).

Multi-touch matrix sensing is familiar to anyone with a Smartphone or Tablet. The ability to manipulate applications, files and images with the use of two or more fingers. Powering gestures like pinch/zoom, image rotation and multi-finger app closure.

Existing multi-touch solutions are typically enabled by capacitive sensing. Several smartphones also offer pseudo force-sensing, generally using the displaced capacitive method. However, capacitive technology cannot offer multi-finger detection with independent force reported on each touch.

Now with Tangio's Multi-Touch NEO solution it's possible to detect multiple touch points with simultaneous position (X-Y) and force (Z).

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