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Former Peratech CTO and VP joins Tangio Printed Electronics

Tangio Printed Electronics is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Westgarth-Graham as Head of Development. Mark will be spearheading global product development activities and new technology integration for the North Vancouver-based company.

With two decades of industry experience in new product development, introduction and adaptation, Mark will help develop new and existing technologies and capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and experience already present at Tangio Printed Electronics.

Most recently, Mark was CTO and VP of Product Development at Peratech Ltd, a UK-based innovator and intellectual property licensor of Human-machine interface (HMI) sensor materials and software. In that role, Mark was responsible for managing all internal and external product development programs and customer projects, and delivering innovative and disruptive HMI sensor solutions, concepts and materials to the company’s OEM and Tier-1 customers. Over the course of his career, Mark has been fundamental in securing a number of key patent applications and he has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, engineering and science.

In joining Tangio Printed Electronics, Mark brings with him a strong mechanical engineering background with extensive experience in printed electronics, sensor applications, manufacturing, product integration and development. Throughout his professional career, Mark has worked in a number of product design consultancies as design engineer and manager for consumer, medical, industrial and automotive products.

“Having already worked closely with the great team at Tangio Printed Electronics while the company was a supplier to Peratech,” says Westgarth-Graham, “I look forward to engaging with Tangio again, on a much more detailed level, and moving forward with some of the exciting new technologies and interesting opportunities they are developing.”

About Tangio Printed Electronics  

Millions of consumer electronic devices in use today, started out as a Tangio prototype.

Tangio Printed Electronics designs and builds force touch sensors, printed heaters and many other novel innovations in printed electronics. The team at Tangio helps customers take printed component designs from the drawing board to prototype, production, and global distribution. Tangio Printed Electronics manufactures essential components of electronic assemblies in consumer electronics, musical instruments, industrial, healthcare and automotive applications. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your project. +1.604.988.1125 x 331

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