fuZion Hybrid Technology Demonstrator Launched

We first announced the innovative fuZion hybrid sensor concept around 12 months ago in simultaneous events in Santa Clara and Shenzhen. Now, following extensive development with our Alpha customers, Tangio is pleased to announce the public launch of TPE-2001, its fuZion technology evaluation/demonstration platform.

The latest fuZion solution incorporates several subtle but important changes that add flexibility, configurability and reliability in the application. Based on Cypress Semiconductor's ever flexible PSoC platform, this single board solution showcases the next generation HMI capabilities now deliverable with Tangio's innovative technology.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Marketing & Business Development stated, "fuzion was the obvious natural progression in HMI technology. Combining the ever popular capacitive touch sensing with the force sensing capabilities of resistive sensors was both obvious and ingenious! Fuzion delivers "above, on, and 'below' sensing", detecting user approach, touch on a surface, then variable force. The HMI possibilities enabled by fuzion are as varied as they are exciting."

TPE-2001 is now available to purchase from our web store or via your local Tangio Representative.

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