Standard Force Sensing Resistors Made Simple!

In a world where ten options are seemingly better than one these days, it's reassuring to find Tangio's best-in-class TPE-500 FSR's continue to offer a one-stop-shop for all your force sensing needs!

Ever found the drinks menu bewildering at your local coffee shop? A seemingly never ending choice of styles, blends, syrups & toppings, each cleverly marketed as being better than the next! And each one more expensive than the last!

It seems the market for standard Force Sensing Resistors isn't far behind, with manufacturers promoting ever increasing variants and niches, each supposedly better that the rest. And of course commanding an increase in cost, whilst also restricting supply chain flexibility.

The team at Tangio believe in making life simple. That's why we developed our best-in-class range of TPE-500 Force Sensing Resistors and Potentiometers. Applying three decades of engineering and process know-how, and working in collaboration with world class partners, TPE-500 banishes the undesirable characteristics found in competing products.

It's reassuring to know that TPE-500 sensors are now proven in hundreds of customer applications, and are widely available through Tangio and our global Distribution and Representative partner network. Even better, you don't have to pay a premium for best-in-class performance!

TPE-500 from Tangio... Force Sensing Resistors made simple!

(And ours is a standard Latte to go!)

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