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Tangio Announces Further Leadership Milestone in 3D Multi-Touch Resistive Sensing

VANCOUVER, Canada, 18th Dec 2017 – Tangio Printed Electronics, a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc., a global leader in Printed Touch Sensing Solutions, today announces another major leadership milestone in 3D Multi-Touch resistive sensing.

As we approach the end of 2017 and look back on the achievements of the year, Tangio is delighted to announce it has successfully shipped over 30,000 large format 3D Multi-Touch resistive sensors within the first 4 months of production. This ratifies Tangio’s position as the global leader in 3D Multi-Touch resistive sensing solutions, and the only supplier in serial mass production.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio’s VP of Business Development commented, “in a year defined by multiple market firsts by Tangio, this is my personal highlight and arguably the most important. We already dominate the market for “small” 3D Multi-Touch resistive sensors with hundreds of thousands shipped-to-date, so it was important to establish leadership in the emerging 12 inch (30.5cm) and larger sensor space. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are delivering the performance and value required for immediate adoption in our customers’ products."

Robin Jeffries, Tangio’s CEO added, “3D Multi-Touch resistive sensing enables an entirely new field of HMI possibilities. Our early adopter customers are leaders in their respective markets and differentiating themselves with innovative HMI solutions. Tangio's engineering teams in Canada and the UK are helping our growing customer base realise new and exciting applications for 3D Multi-Touch technology."

3D Multi-Touch resistive sensors simultaneously report position (X, Y) and force (Z) data for multiple touch points. This state-of-the-art technology is low power, deployable under multiple cover materials including metals, immune to EMI & water events, and can be activated by gloved hands or a passive stylus.

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