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Tangio Announces Price Reductions for its TPE-500 Force Sensing Resistors

VANCOUVER, Canada, August 2nd 2018 – Tangio Printed Electronics, a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc., a global leader in Printed Touch Sensing Solutions, today announces price reductions for its best-in-class TPE-500 series Force Sensing Resistor range.

Following its philosophies of continuous-improvement and affordable-innovation, Tangio is pleased to announce the release of a revised price list for its standard range of Force Sensing Resistors. This reaffirms Tangio’s technical and commercial leadership in the field.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Business Development commented, “it’s not good enough to be the technical leader in the printed touch sensing market. The stark reality is many customer applications are very cost sensitive, so we're leveraging over 30 years experience to deploy materials, process & assembly improvements that increase yield and lower costs.” He continued, “through intelligent forecasting and batch manufacturing techniques we’ve been able to apply reductions across the entire price list so even low volume customers will benefit.” He concluded, “in certain device / quantity combinations we’ve been able to reduce prices by circa 50% versus our previous standard price list. This positions Tangio as the clear value leader in the market.”

New pricing is valid for orders received by Tangio or an approved representative from August 3rd 2018 and is applicable to standard TPE-500 series FSR sensors. 

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