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Tangio Collaborates With Local Universities to Drive Real-Time Innovation

Any business is only as good as its people, and at Tangio we have an eye on the future by engaging the finest student talent from our local Universities.

We believe Tangio’s approach is refreshingly different. A unique way of working with our undergraduate interns is driving significant real-time benefits for our customers in the printed touch sensing and integrated HMI markets.

Robin Jeffries, Tangio’s CEO stated, “we’ve been working with the University of British Columbia’s science co-op program for several years as part of our undergraduate intern scheme. We’ve honed our team structure to fully integrate our local student talent.”

Mark Graham, Tangio’s Head of Engineering continued, “our student colleagues are in the thick of the action contributing to actual customer projects and delivery of our technology roadmaps, not tucked away in a back room. Our structure and methodology enables each student to function as a full member of the team with the same contribution to innovation & project delivery as our full-time staff.”

Our unique approach to harnessing undergraduate skills is delivering tangible benefits for Tangio’s customers. This extends beyond the “basic” sensor business to solutions such as Tangio’s in-house developed 3D Multi-Touch interface reference design and the upcoming and game-changing fuZion hybrid sensor family.

Mohammad Olyaiy, an undergraduate who recently completed his internship with Tangio stated, “working at Tangio was an incredibly empowering & enjoyable experience. Being fully integrated into the engineering team allowed me to directly influence project direction and content. Interfacing with the marketing and business development departments gave unique insights into the commercial requirements and impact. Although my official internship has ended I am continuing to work for Tangio on a part-time basis.”

The team at Tangio is proud of the mutual benefits our intern program is delivering, and Neil Jarvie, Tangio’s VP of Business Development concludes, “it’s refreshing to be part of an enabling and inspiring management team delivering real progress and commercial solutions in this exciting HMI sensor space.”

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