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Tangio Launches New Range of Force Sensing Potentiometers

VANCOUVER, Canada, Apr 23rd 2018 – Tangio Printed Electronics, a division of Sytek Enterprises Inc., a global leader in Printed Touch Sensing Solutions, announces the launch of its new TPE-500 series Force Sensing Potentiometers (FSP).

Following the successful launch of its best-in-class TPE-500 series Force Sensing Resistors in 2016, Tangio further expands the range with a new family of Force Sensing Potentiometers (FSP). These innovative and cost effective sensors simultaneously report touch location and variable force thereby enhancing a wide range of human-machine interfaces with intuitive 2D interactivity. Tangio FSP's are easy to integrate, high resolution, low-power, and ideal for a wide range of applications & markets.

Neil Jarvie, Tangio's VP of Business Development commented, “as with our Force Sensing Resistor range, we went back to the drawing board to define the new FSP family. As a result these sensors combine several compelling features not seen in competing products. Thru-mode construction enhances sensitivity & positional accuracy, and the stylish 'dead-front' design incorporates a shine-through window for optional active or passive illumination.” He concluded, “our new FSP’s can be deployed directly into a commercial application or used for evaluation prior to engaging our full custom design and manufacturing service.”

Data sheets and integration guides for TPE-500 series FSP’s are available to download now with sensors available for purchase in the webstore.

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