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Tangio Strengthens Leadership in Force Sensing Resistors With Addition of TPE-600 Range

TPE-500, our best-in-class range of Force Sensing Resistors, has gained favour and widespread adoption in a broad range of applications and markets across the globe. Engineers appreciate the ease of design-in afforded by market-leading stability, repeatability and durability.

Now, based on customer demand, and extensive development undertaken for our fuZion hybrid sensor solution, Tangio announces the launch of TPE-600, an off-the-shelf range of Thru-Mode industry-standard footprint FSR's.

Thru-Mode construction offers extended range, reduced hysteresis, and improved low force accuracy in a wide range of applications without compromising the other benefits afforded by our Shunt-Mode TPE-500 sensors.

TPE-600 is available in "quarter, half and one-inch" diameters, all with "long" tails, and are available to purchase immediately, either from our webstore, or in production quantities from Tangio or our Representative partners.

Tangio: The one-stop-shop for all of your touch and force sensing needs!

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